Boys basketball nears an end to conference play


The boys basketball team went face to face with a notorious rival, the Platte Valley Broncos. On Feb. 11 the team took the 15 minute trip to Kersey, the boys started to mentally prepare for the intense matchup ahead. With a final score of 79-63, the boys came out victorious on Tuesday evening. Leading the Reds with points was Zac Grable (23) with 18 points and six rebounds. Following close behind Mitch Haythorn, (22) accumulated 17 points for the Reds. In order for the boys to be successful for this matchup, they needed to share the ball and play solid defense to stop the Broncos. Some silent leaders for the Reds were Cole Lockey (23) with seven rebounds, and Walker Martin (23) with four assists. Senior Jordan Sidwell said, “It helps to show what we can do and how well we can play together if we play together”. A week ago, the Reds faced the University Bulldogs and Severance Knights. Both games resulted in losses, but left the Reds eager to keep working to get better for the last few games of the season. With the regular season quickly coming to a close, the boys are looking to finish out strong to progress into post season play. Z. Grable said, “Having two tough back to back losses to Severance and University, it really forced us to work harder and share the ball more, we are just trying to play the best basketball that we can every possession”. 

Next up for the Reds are the Brush Beatdiggers who are 9-8 at home on Friday, Feb. 11. To stay updated on the upcoming games, tune into Eaton Red Ink for weekly updates and NFHS to watch the game live.