Senior Spotlight: Cameron Shaw


Cameron Shaw (22) plans to attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in pursuit of an undergraduate degree in biological sciences. His career goal is to become a marine biologist. Shaw spends his time very committed to his passions and interests. He is involved in Link Leadership, FCCLA, Football, Track and Field, Knowledge Bowl, Robotics, E-Sports, and Swimming at Greeley West High School. He also works as a lifeguard and for Pinnacle Trailer Sales and DoorDash. Shaw leads his clubs and activities with drive. He serves as an example for his peers of what a committed leader looks like.

Shaw said, “The most important thing to me as a leader is making sure I inspire other leaders. Without leaders to fill empty leadership roles any kind of legacy will surely fade. I hope my class can inspire our younger peers to step into our legacy after we leave.” A focal point in Eaton High School’s culture this year is ‘legacy’. As the high school moves to a brand new building after the class of 2022 graduates, a lasting impact will be left by the leaders who attended the old Eaton High.

“The legacy I hope to leave behind at Eaton High School is one of respect. Especially in a high school environment, it is so important to treat everyone equally. The leaders who truly believe that will be prepared to make a difference in the world” said Shaw. In the Eaton acronym, Shaw believes Noteworthiness is the most important attribute. Noteworthiness is how a class or person will be remembered. Shaw said, “The most important letter of the Eaton acronym is the N. In order to be Noteworthy you must first be Excellent, Aware, Tenacious, and a person of Ownership. The N encompasses all five of the attributes an Eaton Red should have.”