Senior Spotlight: Ahana Leffler


Ahana Leffler (22) plans to attend Colorado Mesa University this fall to continue her basketball career. Within Eaton High School, Leffler has played a vital role on the basketball and volleyball teams. Her athletic excellence is an example for her peers and teammates to look up to. Leffler has become notable through her teamwork skills and success as an Eaton Red.

Leffler said, “As a leader, I want to show others to have fun. High school is a short time and it is best enjoyed when you slow down and appreciate the little things. I will remember time spent with my teammates and friends more than my classes.” To Leffler, the most important attribute in the Eaton acronym is tenacity. “The most important word in the acronym is tenacity. Tenacity teaches us to overcome obstacles and grow from them. Having and showing tenacity has helped me improve as an athlete, student, and person,” said Leffler.

Though high school poses many challenges, Leffler believes there is value in the uncertain. Leffler said, “When I graduate, I hope to leave behind a legacy of trusting God’s plan for my life. I am not afraid of the unknown or the future because I know He has a greater plan. I hope my belief encourages others in the same way.”