Senior Spotlight: Matt Paris


Matt Paris (22) plans to attend Colorado Mesa University on a merit scholarship after graduation. There, he will obtain a degree in mechanical engineering as well as continue racing motocross nationally. In his time at Eaton High School, Paris has dedicated himself to school and extracurricular involvement. He does motocross nationally outside of school in competitions. Paris also plays golf for Eaton High School and has been a part of the varsity golf team since his sophomore year, playing in the 2020 State Championship. He also decided to give basketball a try this year.

Paris said, “The most important thing to me as a leader in EHS is having respect as a role model in the school. Many students look up to me and my biggest thing is showing that respect to everyone inside or outside the EHS community.” As an athlete, Paris is a role model for his peers and represents the EATON acronym attribute tenacity very well.

“The most important Eaton acronym word is tenacity because persistence and the ability to get back on your feet and keep on going helps you reach your goals,” said Paris. Whether he was at golf practice, a basketball game, or a national motocross event, Paris will leave an impactful legacy on his town and school culture. Paris said, “The legacy I hope to leave behind is one of hard work and dedication. Those are the two biggest things that have gotten me where I am today, and I hope that people can incorporate hard work and dedication into their own lives.”