First Moon Knight trailer revealed

Marvel released their first trailer for the highly anticipated show Moon Knight

Marvel released a trailer for their new show Moon Knight, which has been speculated to be the “Batman” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). This is the case because he has a more violent nature, similar to Batman. Moon Knight, or Marc Spector, has Dissociative identity disorder, which means he has multiple identities. He doesn’t know which of his identities is real and this seems to be a pinnacle plot point of the show and his character in general. 


In the comics, Marc Spector was born into a Jewish family in Chicago, Illinois. His father was a respectable man who was a Jewish rabbi and a holocaust survivor. It seems obvious that Marc would follow in his father’s footsteps but he took a very different path instead. At first, he became a boxer, then joined the Marines, and lastly became a member of the CIA, getting a job as a mercenary. 


While being on contract in the Egyptian desert, he was left for dead. Moments after his death, he was revived by the Egyptian god Khonshu who appointed Marc as his high priest, Moon Knight. This is where his altered identity’s name comes from. 


Kasen Hays (22) said, “I saw the Moon Knight trailer and it directly reminds me of the brutality portrayed in the comics. I think it’s going to be a great live-action portrayal of Marc Spector.” One reason this show is so hyped up is that it will explore new genres of the MCU. Moon Knight seems to explore the genre of horror and has more violence, which is going to be very interesting to see because that is in contrast to the typical MCU shows. 


In the latest trailer, a release date of March 30, 2022, was revealed and it is rumored to have six episodes. The last episode comes out the day Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness comes out in theaters, which comes out on May 6, 2022. This show could be a stepping stone for characters to appear in that movie.


Karson Chadwick (22) said, “I think the trailer looks really promising. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the show plays out.” This first trailer gave a lot of new information on this promising new show and fans already can’t wait for the release date.