New Middle School

With the town of Eaton growing increasingly bigger, many changes are being made. Over the past few years, there are multiple new additions to the town, such as the Circle K, or the Scooters, but neither of those compare to the new middle and high school. The current high school has been under construction for about three years, and it will soon transform into the new middle school and the new high school is being built directly across from the Rec Center. Many people are choosing to start their lives in Eaton, and the town must prepare for that expansion. Many Eaton residents grew up in this town, and went to both the middle and high school, and such a big change can be jarring. However, for those who teach in the middle school and high school, this is an exciting change. Middle school choir teacher Annita Alverez said, “The history of the building is super cool, so being back in that building is exciting, and I love that there’s an auditorium, so the kids will actually be able to perform on stage with a real audience.” Entering the new middle school is a very exciting step for many teachers because their current facility lacks equipment and resources. Now that teachers will have more resources for teaching, classes will run much smoother and give kids better opportunities. Middle school band teacher Cynnamon Pritcher said, “I love change and new spaces. It has always inspired new ideas and creativity in me, so I’m looking forward to fresh ideas and new ways of doing things. Eaton kids really are the best kids and I know that the new STEM spaces and maker spaces will only help them think and create and explore new opportunities that we could’ve never had before with our limited space.” Eaton already has some very talented kids using old materials and still brining us many state championships, so with better resources, the possibilities are endless. The new middle school and high school will have an amazing impact on current students, and those to come.