Tattoos are a way of expression for many. Especially amongst younger generations, tattoos have become widely accepted and appreciated. Whether a tattoo has a significant meaning or is just for fun, every tattoo has a story. Body art allows a person to showcase their personality and values. Many students at EHS have chosen to adorn themselves with artwork. Ashlen Livingston (22) has an outline of her dog Stella’s ears, a woman with a sunflower bouquet head, a crescent moon/skull, and a Lil Peep quote in Kylie Griffin’s handwriting.

Charlotte Reynolds 

Livingston said, “I think tattoos are a beautiful form of body art because you are choosing something that holds great meaning to you and putting it on your body, on display for everyone to see. That can make you feel very vulnerable at times, but also beautiful and unique.” A tattoo can spark a conversation about someone’s interests and artistic vision. Hailey Bangert (22) said, “I love talking with people about the meaning behind my tattoos and sharing stories about those I love. I got my first tattoo with my mom, it says “I love you, I loved you first” in her handwriting alongside our birth flowers. It means a lot to me to have shared that memory with my mom and now we match each other.”

Erika Shupe-Hayes 

Tattoos are a symbol of self-love and growth, and a reminder to stay true to oneself. “I have come a long way on my self love journey. Being able to have reminders of where I’ve been and how far I’ve come really helps me when I’m feeling low,” said Livingston. Self-expression can be explored through clothing, hair, makeup, piercings, and tattoos. As young adults, growing into one’s most authentic self is crucial for success in their academic and personal lives. Throughout high school, friends come and go, values are formed, and true sense if self is developed. Autumn Hockley (23) said, “It is so fun to have doodles on myself that I love and cherish. With tattoos, I get to have fun and express different emotions and feelings, and I plan to get more.”

Rinoa Womack (22) said, “I’ve always wanted a tattoo so getting my first one was a great experience. It is very empowering to put the things you love on your body.” In past generations, tattoos have not always been accepted or understood, but they can be used to honor lost loved ones. Dirk Duncan (22) said, “I got October 24, 2020 in Roman numerals tattooed. It is the date when my papa Tim passed away, and he and I were super close. I got it right above my heart because he was very special to me.”

Makenzie White (22) believes her tattoo is a declaration of her faith. “My tattoo represents my beliefs. My middle name is Grace, and I was saved by grace because the Lord saved my life. It symbolizes my love for God and everything He’s done for me,” said White. Self-expression and individuality are ever-present at EHS and deserve recognition.