New Classrooms at EHS

Art and family consumer sciences classes have been moved to the west side of the school


As the year has gone on, construction crews have progressed and opened up new classrooms at EHS. Near the band room, there are two new classrooms; one for art and the other for family and consumer sciences. The 2021 semester classes were refined as Mrs. Amy Irwin, the family and consumer sciences teacher, didn’t have a kitchen set up to have the cooking classes. The school took those classes off the registration list until there was an adequate room to cook in. 

The excitement is raging through teachers as they get new classrooms. “I am excited to be able to start cooking again and I love the big room. All the kitchen appliances are new. As for smaller items, I really won’t have new items until we get into the new high school. Design seminar is the new class I have this semester. The design seminar class planned the desks and furniture placements too,” Amy Irwin said. 

The official move started Nov. 19th and learning in the new rooms started after the Thanksgiving break. The students will have a new learning environment and better appliances. “I’m excited that Mrs. Irwin is excited to have the kitchens back. The amount of new space we will have will definitely be a bonus and kids will like it a lot better,” said Bella Baessler (24). Space was a huge issue in the old classrooms, as there was no room for the tables, chairs, and then the supplies the teachers had. The new rooms have new tables, chairs, and sinks for the kitchen and art room. “I am most excited to have more space; that is the biggest issue we have faced this year. With having over 30 students in half of my classes, there was no room for anything. We will have more storage space which will free up some room for the students to work. There will be a separate room for the kiln, but we will not have access to that this year. I am just incredibly excited to have a more spacious area to create. There are also skylights so the natural light is amazing. I just hope students don’t walk into the glass because it’s so clean,” said Chandler Herbst, the art teacher. Ms. Herbst is fairly new, as she was a long term-substitute teacher that became the current art teacher last year. With the new classrooms it is a fun and energetic feeling through the staff and students at EHS.