The Return of the Elf On The Shelf

Christmas is right around the corner and the magic is starting to begin. Another mysterious Elf has made its way to the halls of Eaton High School to spread a little Christmas cheer.


Dakota Braucher, Staff Reporter

Everybody knows that as soon as December hits, the Elves in the North Pole are hard at work. Many even come to take a look at how people are doing. Recently, a new mysterious elf has been spotted in the halls of Eaton High School. 

After Jingles left last year, she couldn’t leave the school behind, so she sent someone special to come back and bring the students a little more Christmas magic. The so-called Russell has been roaming around checking on all of the students running through the halls. Good luck finding him, however, for the mystical abilities of the elves sure don’t make them easy to spot!

With Christmas right around the corner, Russell wanted to come to spread some Christmas cheer. What’s Christmas without gifts! Take a selfie with the magical Russell and Direct Message it to the @eatonredink instagram to claim your gift for the day. But make sure to make it timely because the only person receiving the gift for the day will be the first one to find him! If it takes too long to spot Russell, clues will begin to appear on the instagram story of the Eaton Red Ink Instagram. Good luck hunting and Merry Christmas!