ICAP Day 2021



Every few years at Eaton High School, a career day is held, in which students can interact with professionals and learn more about what career they would like to pursue. Career day, otherwise known as ICAP day, is held in the main and auxiliary gym, where professionals are available to present what exactly they do for a living. Presenters from all career clusters are invited. A variety of jobs ranging from a police officer to a photographer gives EHS students the opportunity to find their calling. 

This year, EHS included a give back day in order to assist students in giving back to the community. A variety of jobs are selected to participate in ICAP day, which allows students to gain insight on what kind of future they are looking into. Senior class President Michael Howard (22) said, “I think ICAP day went pretty well and though I do definitely like all of the individuals that came in and talked to us, I do think especially for the seniors that whole thing was, or at least asking the questions we had to, was somewhat pointless because a lot of us already know what we want to do and are pretty set on that, and I know things do change but a lot of us already have that idea in our heads.” Although some students have thought out what they plan on doing for a living, ICAP day gives a great opportunity to those who are still deciding on a career. English teacher Deirdre White said, “There were a lot of diverse people to talk to, so I liked that. It’s my last year and their last year. I think it added to the fact that they’re going into the job market when they leave here, and college, so I think its more real senior year, definitely their freshman year they were buzzing around.” White has been a teacher at EHS long enough to see just how much ICAP day can do for students. Whether students are aware of what they want as a career, ICAP day is a great resource for students to ask questions and figure out a path they want to go down. Being able to get an idea of what careers are out there could be a great help as a teenager. 

As the career portion of the day came to an end, it was time to do some good deeds. Every class came up with their own special way to give back to the community, and business teacher Chris Love said, “Especially the give back part of it, I tired to explain to students that some jobs are not going to give you the purpose you desire just as a human, so being intentional about giving back is important. And the “aha”  moment came when I asked my class if they had any pictures from the day and none of them did, and that meant that none of them were on their phones. I appreciate the fact that we for three hours focused on someone else, not ourselves. They were actively engaged.” ICAP/Give Back day created a plethora of opportunities for students to find their calling. Allowing students to interact with presenters from certain job fields creates an amazing foundation for kids to learn.