ICAP give-back afternoon

Students at EHS spent the afternoon of Nov. 15 volunteering


Aubrey Ledall, Staff Reporter

Eaton High School students spent the afternoon on ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan) Day, Monday November 15, giving back to the community. The 2022 to 2025 classes had different activities that they could participate in. Five to seven advisors from each class organized and oversaw the give-back events. 

Senior students attended Chris P’s Rescue & Rehabilitation alongside Mrs.Melissa Achziger and Mr. Doug Preston. Mrs. Katy Deckard’s crew crafted thank-you cards and gift baskets for first responders while Mr. Zac Lemon and his students made a cancer quilt for Larry Adams. Other students who participated in Mrs. Guerra/ Green’s group visited Eaton Elementary and read to the kids. 

The class of 2023 also participated in the give-back afternoon. Maddie Robson (23) said, “I enjoyed hanging out with friends while doing something artsy and creative.” Some juniors helped students from the middle school transition to high school, others like those who joined Señora Griffin, made gift bags for people in assisted living. Mrs. Irwin and a group of juniors sewed 1,000 hearts as a part of the Kindness Project. Mrs. Cain held a hot chocolate bar for construction workers, while Mrs. Ross, Mr. Corbett and Mr. Shaw worked alongside students cleaning the city. Those who cleaned the city would rake leaves and pick up trash.

Sophomores spent their afternoon under the leadership of teacher Andrew Jorgensen, Mrs. Abby Duncan, Mr. Chris Love, Mr. Dean Grable, Mrs. Kendra Hixon, Mrs. Tessa Ochsner, and Ms. Stephanie Kirchhoff. They participated in a backpack/ luggage drive, helped out at Benjamin Eaton Elementary, created uplifting art, pick-up trash, painted watercolor placemats for Meals on Wheels, put together gift baskets and thank you cards for construction workers or picked up trash. 

The class of 2025 participated in a grade-wide activity, painting EATON rocks with the help of their advisors.

Volunteering helps students get a new perspective on the impact they have. Hanging out with friends and teachers made spending the afternoon volunteering relaxing and enjoyable. Señora commented on the experience. Her group put together Thanksgiving baggies filled with candy and a cute note. She said, “I really enjoyed hanging out with my advisees in a different context. Instead of having the pressure to do things (like assignments) we had a lot of fun. I also got to hang out with other kids from other advising classes and got to know them a little better.”