Boys basketball is back


     Basketball season is officially here and the Eaton High School basketball boys are training and conditioning getting ready for the 2021- 2022 season. Head Coach Dean Grable is in the process of getting his boys in the right mindset to start the season off strong. This year’s seniors for the Reds are Jaden Stone (22) and Jordan Sidwell (22). Sidwell said, “ We are going to play fast and work together well. I am excited to challenge myself as an athlete this year and my goal is to make the playoffs this year.” Stone and Sidwell are planning on leading this year’s team to success. Stone said, “I am most excited to finish my last season of basketball ever with my guys.” First week of practices started this week, and getting back into the groove by creating a consistent schedule for the team will be important  as they prepare to kick off their season on December second. The tournament will be hosted at home against Bayfield, Gunnison, and Fort Morgan. Considering the fact that this year’s Varsity team is made up mostly by underclassmen, leadership is more crucial than ever for the senior boys so leadership will be crucial more than ever for the boys. Zac Grable (23) collecting a total of 120 points last season said, “I’m planning on leading by example this year, I’m excited to have fun with my best friends this year.” Another key player for the Reds is Walker Martin (23) as he finished last year with 188 points. The graduated seniors last year were Cole Schumacher, Scott Grable, and Gage Butler. Sidwell and Stone plan to lead their team to success and have fun during this 2021-22 season.