Senior Spotlight: Taylor Bradshaw


Taylor Bradshaw (22) plans to study early childhood education after high school. Bradshaw is a part of the tennis team, Link Leadership, and Bella Voce choir at EHS. Outside of school, Bradshaw attends youth group, volunteers at church, and babysits. She also loves to read and enjoy music. Through Link and her other commitments, Bradshaw has learned how an Eaton Red should lead.

Bradshaw said, “The letter A in the ‘EATON’ acronym is the most important to me because awareness is essential for having a positive impact on our peers. Understanding the way someone acts may be different from ourselves because they have different experiences or may have had a bad morning is being aware. We never know what someone is going through so being aware of that and not judging them for their actions will help produce positivity.”

A prevalent theme throughout the school this year is ‘legacy’. The class of 2022 will leave a great legacy behind for the culture of Eaton High School. They will be the last class to graduate from the old Eaton High built in 1928. “A legacy I hope to leave behind is one of kindness. Society currently is separated and split, so being kind to everyone regardless of your beliefs is nice, so school is a place where we are one rather than many.”