Title town up north


Abigail Vondy, Editor in Chief

Eaton High School student sections are back, and better than ever. The title Eaton Red comes with a consequential sense of pride and achievement. In the last few years, EHS has become “Title Town Up North,” rather than “That Town Up North.” 2020 was a big year for the Reds, with six total state championships as a school. These exceptional students came from football, softball, volleyball, track individuals, and baseball. These students were able to come up on top amongst the biggest athletic challenges they may ever face. COVID made participating in any extracurricular activity difficult and exhausting. With a new year, full of exciting opportunities and a return to normalcy, the student body is finally able to express their school spirit.

The town has been known for its outstanding football team for decades. A home football game typically has the bleachers packed to the brim with adults and supporters. The cheers from the home bleachers can be heard throughout the entire field. Although the significance of the bleacher audience is immense, the end zone holds the most excitement. For the majority of schools within Colorado, student sections are in the bleachers. Eaton, though, has a student section at the south end zone. High school students come prepared with cow bells, whistles, costumes, themes, and more, to support the football team during their season. Varsity football player Dirk Duncan (22) said, “You hear them right when you’re at the end zone. You can hear the chants and screams. You can really feel their support when they are so close to the field.” The uniqueness of the end zone student section is colossal. Especially after a year without the opportunity. The 2021 student section has more involvement and ever more support. 

A few new traditions have begun with this monumental year for student sections. Players and audience now have a clear view of a red flag, flying the letter “TTUN,” standing for “Title Town Up North.” Not only that, but the senior class has taken up the responsibility of creating a barrel. The barrel was painted red, black, and white. One student wears the barrel and helps to lead the students in chants and cheers. “Our school is the only school I know that keeps the student section at the end zone. We also have the barrel and the flag. When we were freshmen, the seniors at the time had a flag and a barrel for the games, so we decided to follow the tradition. Our student section gets the players more pumped to play in the game. More people watching means more noise. It makes the game more fun,” Dylan Laswell said. 

Jaden Stone (22), a senior who has taken up the role of leading the student sections, also said. “The football student section is very unique. There is lots of room and people can bring their lawn chairs and hang out for the game. Even though nobody is ever sitting. We are always standing, getting rowdy. When the players are down by our end zone, they can hear every word we say.” With a student section so involved, prideful, and excited, no home game is a bore at the south end zone. 

Volleyball student sections have also been a hit this year. Themes such as red-outs, black-outs, Halloween, cowboys, Richter Strong, and USA have only resulted in more fun and involvement. Referring to the volleyball student section, vice principal Thomas Shannon said, “The student section is a reflection of the energy we have for our school and community.” Shannon has majorly contributed to the uniqueness of the volleyball student section. He is administering music into the volleyball games. Now, during timeouts, a specialized playlist is in action to get the students and players more pumped for the game. Not only that, but  it also creates a more fun environment for everyone inside of the EHS gym. 

Grant Hernandez (23) loves going to the home volleyball games. “It’s fun to dress up and be with your friends. Especially, in an environment where you are supposed to get loud,” he said. Students come to the volleyball games ready to support the Lady Reds. With an abundance of poster boards, props, and traditional chants, being in the gym during a game is an experience that all students should participate in. 

The student sections at both sporting events have been a major hit this year. In an effort to make up for last year, students view their crowd as far more than just fun. “The importance of a student section is to hype up the crowd and players. We try to motivate them to play the best they can. We also try to create a good student section because it’s plain fun, but also important. It proves that our school is united and strong,” Trent Salberg (23) said. Salberg tries to attend as many sporting events as possible to ensure the players can feel his support. 

Stone also agrees that a student section has more responsibility than just enjoyment. “Without a student section, it just gives the students no reason to play. When there is a student section, the players have more of a will to win. They want to win for us,” he said. In a town so dedicated to sports and extracurricular activities, winning is always a goal. Without student sections, players would not be able to feel the support for their community and such a stronger desire to win. 

As both volleyball and football reach an end, student sections will continue to be a prominent part of this school year. Shannon said, “It’s part of the school culture. How much fun is it? I go back to when I was in high school and that was the best part. We want to attract, not only the kids that are already coming, but how do we get more kids involved? We want to create that welcoming environment. We want to see all the students at these games.”