A very creative Halloween at EHS

Teachers and students dress up to show their 2021 Halloween costumes


 This year the spooky holiday of Halloween was on a Sunday, so staff and students in the building decided to dress up the Friday before. Majority of those who did dress up were staff members, but there were a couple students that did such as Will Grable (23). Grable wore a dress and had props that were suited to look like a grandma, “I thought it would be funny and the dress I was wearing was my mom’s grandma’s dress which re minds me of her,” Will said. But the teachers dressed up as things or people that are related to what they teach. Brittany Turnbull, a social studies teacher at Eaton High School, was found wearing a wig and long coat that looked almost identical to Benjamin Franklin. Turnbull said, “I wanted to go with something historical, something everyone should have an idea about but also something completely out of the ordinary for me. I made the costume from clothes from the thrift store, a wig from Amazon, and a lot of makeup to make myself look older, I go the extra mile for sure. There was also a staff contest on who could be the best dressed staff member. Not sure if I won, but I sure did my best getting dressed up. Also, Halloween is my favorite holiday, because get ting the chance to be creative and dress up as something different than yourself is always a challenge.” Even if most of the students didn’t dress up, Mrs. Turnbull had enough Halloween spirit for the entire school.

Just down the hall in the modulars, Ms. Kendall Williams and Mrs. Aleena Griffin, the Spanish teachers, dressed up with an influence from the Disney Movie, Coco. Ms. Griffin was dressed as the little boy, Miguel, and Ms. Williams was the grandma, Abuelita. Since the movie shares Spanish culture, the teachers thought it would be fun to dress as the characters from it, “We were looking through my bin of costumes for Spanish class and came across a red jacket that looks just like one from Coco, and we had a dress that looked just like dress from Coco, so we thought that would be fun do do together. We both love the movie Coco, and liked that our costumes celebrated Dia de los Muertos and Halloween,” said Ms. Griffin. Up the stairs on the east side of the building, Mrs. Abigail Dun can was dressed as a shark. Duncan said,“I wanted a costume that I can wear year after year with only one piece involved and because sharks are neat. I bought it off of Amazon and love handing out candy to all of the trick-or-treaters at my house.” Overall, throughout the school, the Halloween spirit was very present, and surprisingly this year it didn’t snow on Halloween as it usually does.