Senior Spotlight: Dirk Duncan


Dirk Duncan (22) plans to attend college to play baseball and study business after graduation. Duncan plays baseball and football at EHS. He is also a Link Leader and enjoys hunting, spending time with friends and family, and working with the Wild West Rodeo Company.

Duncan leads the student section at volleyball games in chants as well. Students in leadership positions that exhibit school spirit like Duncan are important to a positive environment. Duncan said, “The most important thing to me as a leader in our school is making sure people feel welcome in our school and a part of a family. I feel that our school is very accepting of new staff and students, and they are welcomed with open arms.”

As Eaton expands, the impact of its student’s leadership will remain, even after they graduate. “I hope to leave the legacy of someone who was kind to everyone around me; someone who said hi to people in the hallway, and was there for anyone who needed me,” said Duncan.