Senior Spotlight: Josie Roselle


Josie Roselle (22) plans to attend a four-year university to pursue a career in nursing. Roselle said, “I’d like to attend either Colorado Mesa University or West Texas A&M. I hope to pursue my passion for rodeo in college by participating in College Rodeo.” She has competed in National High School Rodeos throughout high school and participates in a scholars program at AIMS.

As a leader of Eaton High School, Roselle values the importance of a good role model. “The most important thing to me as a leader is knowing that I set an example for others. Knowing many people in the school look up to my peers and I is huge; but it comes with responsibility. It is important we set a good example and represent what we want our high school atmosphere to be like,” said Roselle. Leaders that value individuality and awareness are leaders that leave a lasting impact.

Roselle said, “I hope to leave behind a legacy of kindness to the students of EHS. The pandemic has put everyone through a lot in the past year. It is important through every obstacle, to be understanding and kind to one another. I hope students remember me as someone who was always there to help and offered kind words to those around me.”