Football executes win over The Academy

Reds end game five of the 2021 season with a 42-6 finish


Ryder True (23) advancing the ball down the field

Emily Hogsett, News Editor

The Eaton Reds finished off their fifth game of the 2021 season with a 42-6 finish against The Academy.  The Reds are ranked first in 2A football followed by Resurrection Christian and the Classical Academy according to  Eaton will play Resurrection this Saturday.  

Walker Martin (23) and Zac Grable (23) scored two touchdowns each for the Reds each along with Ethan Florez (22) and  Ryder True (23) scoring a touchdown each leading to a Red’s victory.  True leads the Reds in all-purpose yards against the Wildcats.  

“My best play against The Academy was running the ball.  I had two good runs that gave our team momentum and helped us score a touchdown,” said True.  “My goal this year is to get 50+ tackles and make state finals and win it.”

The Red defense held the Wildcats back with Ryan Dirksen (22) leading in tackles with eight total followed by Trent Salberg (23) with five total tackles.  Senior kicker, Jose Lopez (22), put up six points for the Reds.   

At halftime, the Reds were up 21-6.  The defense was able to block the field goal to keep the Wildcats from earning an extra point during the second quarter.  After halftime, points weren’t put on the scoreboard all of the third quarter.  During the fourth, Eaton put up a stellar 21 points on the scoreboard.  

Zac Grable said his best play was when, “Walker threw me a deep ball.  It was around a 60-yard touchdown.  It was really hype.”  Grable plays outside linebacker and wide receiver for the Reds.  

Zac Grable (23) running the ball for a touchdown

The Reds will battle rivalry, Resurrection Christian, on Saturday the 9 at 6pm at home.  With the close rankings between the Reds and the Cougars, the game is expected to be one not to miss.  “I definitely think we are prepared; it has been a good few days, and we have a few more days to get prepared.  This is a good test; obviously, it’s a one versus two.  We know they are a top team in the state and we are a top team in the state, so it’s exciting to see which one is which,” Head Coach Zac Lemon said.  The Reds are hoping Saturday will be their opportunity to show what they are truly capable of on the field.