Mask Policy


Though Covid-19 seems to be disappearing, it is still prevalent and with an increase of quarantines, concern is growing. Eaton High School has since stated that masks are a personal choice. Surrounding schools had similar policies, but with their amount of students, they experienced more Covid-19 cases, resulting in students being required to wear masks. Some students at schools Poudre and North Ridge High School were upset by the new mask policy and they took it upon themselves to organize a protest.

Considering all of the information being presented, it’s possible that EHS will have to update their mask policy, which could anger some students. English teacher Texie Johnson said, “I feel like masks should be a personal choice, I feel like people should be responsible for their own health and that masks should be apart of that responsibility, I also believe that you should be responsible and not come to school if you’re sick and if you are sick and have to go out, then you wear a mask.” Though Johnson seems to have a neutral stance on masks, others had varying opinions. Blake Hays (22) said, “People are coughing, so I was going to start wearing my mask because I just want to be safe. Personally I think if you’re coughing you should either quarantine yourself, just to be respectful, or wear a mask at least.” Hays thinks safety should be a priority for students, especially if they want to remain in school.

Emery Baessler (22) said, “I’m glad that we don’t have to wear them anymore, they were reasonably unnecessary to some extent. I’d still wear it if I absolutely had to, but I’d try and fight it.” Baessler believes that the masks are unnecessary because “those who wanted to be vaccinated have been and people that didn’t want to be vaccinated are fine with getting sick”. With a variety of opinions, it’s hard to say what will happen in the near future regarding masks.