New Hat Policy


Gabriel Holguin

Up until 2021, students at EHS were restricted from wearing hats. Hats have been restricted because you’re able to conceal your identity, and it can sometimes be deemed as disrespectful. In many cases, students remove their hats when saying the pledge because they’re aware some people believe it’s disrespectful to keep your hat on during it. However, many students and staff take no offense to hats when worn at appropriate times, so why the hat policy?

 In a more realistic sense, hats have been restricted for the ability to hide your identity. In theory, if a person was wearing a hat and a mask, their identity could be hidden and possibly compromise the safety of other students. However, a good point brought up by English teacher Kylie Griffin is “Eaton is a very small community and many staff members at EHS know, or at least recognize all students attending.” A common opinion among students and staff at Eaton High School is that hats are rather a form of expression. 

Sophomore Pam Holguin (23), she said, “I feel like students should be allowed to express themselves and some people do that by wearing hats. I think as long as the hat isn’t disrespectful or inappropriate, students should be allowed to wear them.” Holguin brings up many points that could be widely agreed upon by other students, such as wearing inappropriate hats such as political hats, or hats including drug-related material. Although Holguin isn’t an active hat wearer, she still believes students should have that privilege. 

Alex Castaneda (22), on the other hand wears hats quite often, and he had some other things to say regarding the new policy. Castaneda says, “If a teacher tells me to take off my hat during class I will, but as soon as I leave that class, I’m putting my hat back on.”If teachers aren’t actively restricting hats, then students will continue to disregard the policy. With the new hat policy this year, students will have the freedom to express themselves in a safe, and respectful manner.