Resurrection Christian School v.s Larimer County health department

Health department threatens closure due to high COVID-19 rates


Resurrection Christian High School in Loveland and the Larimer County Health Department are having a hard time agreeing on covid protocols. The school has recently had a mass outbreak, so the health department reached out and explained if the school didn’t follow the covid protocol, then the school would be shut down. In response, the school acquired a legal team to make sure the health department doesn’t come onto the school campus. 


The health department has threatened to close the school if there is nothing implemented from the high rates of covid. The health department sent a letter to the school, in which the school was found non-compliant and to be further investigated. It is interesting to see how the school will handle the health department, “They aren’t a part of Poudre School District, they are their own thing, so they feel like they can do their own thing and don’t feel they have to follow the things that the district is doing,” Assistant Principal, Tom Shannon, said. 


As for sports, the schools are constantly having conferences and deciding what is going to happen from covid. Resurrection did quarantine their softball team, so the Eaton vs Resurrection game from September 11 has been postponed. The delta variant of covid has been scaring the health department in terms of schools and businesses, but “We are still doing our cleaning in between class periods, cleaning those high touch surfaces, so that’s the same from last year. We are cleaning after school, opening our campus, and trying to keep people spread out such as when our rally was outside at the football field,” Shannon said. 


With over 50 positive cases of covid as Resurrection High School, Eaton is just making it through the first week of school. The staff and administration at Eaton plan to keep an eye out for outbreaks like this and are at their best to keep the school sanitized and clean. A new method has been instituted this year which is choosing to quarantine if exposed to covid. That method might help students when it comes to learning and being present so there is no virtual void. “You have to wear a mask at Poudre, Strasburg, and some others, so just wear it to stay safe” says Shannon, “so just keep space and practice the covid protocols for the best learning environment.”