Senior Spotlight: Lexi Bruntz


Lexi Bruntz (22) plans to attend college and obtain a degree in nursing after high school. Bruntz is on the Eaton High School Swim and Dive team and a club team. She also volunteers for her church on the weekends.

While attending Eaton, Bruntz has learned to be an inclusive leader. She hopes to leave a lasting legacy for the culture of Eaton High School. “I hope to leave the legacy of love and kindness to the students of EHS. Life is hard enough, so we should treat each other with respect. You never know how one little act of kindness could change a person’s day or life. I just hope I encourage and influence others to lift people up,” said Bruntz.

This year especially, leaders at EHS are striving to create and foster a better community. Senior leaders like Bruntz play a very important role in the school’s goal to help every individual feel valued. Bruntz said, “It is important to make sure that all students feel included and safe at school. That everyone has someone to rely on and nobody feels excluded from activities.”