Choir concert had the audience shaking in their boots

Eaton Reds rock the choir concert in boots and cowboy hats

The Eaton Reds sang their hearts out in the last concert of the year. For the seniors this was the very last entirely, and some tears were shed. Throughout the night, awards were given for students that lettered, class leaders, and solo/ensemble participants. Compared to other concerts this year, this night was different in a good way, as the whole community was invited to go and there were no mask policies. “This year was definitely a different one and we didn’t have as many opportunities as past choirs, but we as a whole made the best out of the opportunities we got. It was so fun to sing with them at sporting events and to just see us grow throughout the year. We all grew musically and we as a choir exceeded where I thought we’d be. We made the most out of the time we had and became my family,” Jocelyn Contreras said, who is a Troubadour. The Troubadours brought back one of their songs from the first concert called “Down to the Water”. Bringing back a hit from 1982, the Men’s choir sang “Mountain Music” by Alabama and rocked it in cowboy hats. The choreography was on point during the concert and the students had a great time. “Our last concert went really good, we definitely grew from the first one and all the choirs sounded great. And I will definitely miss it a lot. It was a lot of great people and performing was fun and singing is a really great outlet,” said Marco Rodriguez (21). For the last concert of the 2020-2021 school year, the students did a great job and the community was glad to be in public with no masks.