SAT and PSAT at Eaton High School

After years of preparation for this state-wide test, the SAT finally commences for the junior class


The second week of April 2021 is busy and important for some of the students at Eaton High School. The juniors took their SAT, which is one of the biggest tests of the year, on Tuesday, April 13. The sophomores have the PSAT10 on Wednesday, April 14 and the freshmen have the PSAT9 on Thursday, April 15. It will help prepare them for the SAT next year. Although the SAT and PSAT are always a struggle, it’s very important for students to prepare for this big test, especially if they are going to attend college sometime in their life.


Bryce Smith (22) said, “There is an official SAT Prep app that offers many different opportunities to study specific aspects on the test. It has greatly helped to prepare for the harder aspects of the SAT.” Many students use resources to study subjects and concepts that are usually on the SAT, which are really helpful.


Khan Academy and the official SAT (Collegeboard) site are very good studying sources for the SAT and the PSAT. Nathan Meredith (22) said, I studied through Khan Academy and it actually helped a lot on the test.”


The SAT tests a student’s skill on English and Math concepts and is genuinely difficult because it is timed.