Senior Spotlight: Jisell Chumacero


Jisell Chumacero (21) plans to attend Mccook Community College in Nebraska this fall. She wants to transfer To Wichita State after her two years at MCC, to play D2 volleyball and study exercise science to become a personal trainer. Chumacero is involved in basketball, volleyball, and Fellowship of Christian Students. She has learned the importance of growth through the challenges presented to her during high school.

“Accountability is so important. I think my generation has become lazy. In our character, our effort, and our will to be great. So many people are comfortable with being average. Stepping outside your comfort zone is something we should become comfortable with. Pushing ourselves to be better every day. Whether it be in your faith, relationships, athletics, or school, push yourself to your limit, and even further the next day. Hold yourself accountable, do what you need to do, even if it hurts and even if it’s hard. Then, expect others to do the same and hold them accountable,” said Chumacero.

Outside of school, Chumacero attends her church group, her job, and outside athletics. She knows the importance of being a reliable peer to help those around her reach their goals.

Chumacero said, “I hope I am remembered as someone people could rely on for anything. Whether it be a laugh, a hard conversation, or a push. I hope I am seen as a good leader and someone who always pushed themself to be better. A couple of years from now, when the freshman I’ve encountered graduate, my name may not be remembered, but I hope the culture I’ve built remains the same.”