Meat OUT day

New day in Colorado upsets local ranchers and farmers

Colorado Governor Jared Polis has recently declared March 20 as ‘MeatOUT day’, which ended up with agricultural communities and individuals furious. Polis declared MeatOUT day as a day to represent eating healthy diets and protecting the environment. This day is also promoted by the Farm Animal Rights Movement to remove meat and other animal products from American diets. After Polis declared March 20 MeatOUT day, other governors responded with an opposite call to action. Pete Ricketts, Governor of Nebraska, declared the 20th as “Meat on the Menu Day” for their state. 


Although Colorado had around $7.1 billion annually in agriculture cash receipts with the highest commodity being cattle and calves, the ranchers and farmers in the areas were not content. Not just the ranchers and farmers, but many county commissioners are not happy as well such as Lorie Saine, Perry Buck, and Scott James. In response to MeatOUT day, the colorado county commissioners have planned for Meat-In day where ranching and farming families can meet at the Weld County Administration building in Greeley. They then had the board meeting to read the proclamation of Meat-In day on March 3.  


Many Coloradoans have traditions of farming, ranching, and consuming meat. There are currently over 12,000 meat producers, and the cattle industry is the biggest category of agriculture in Colorado. Many people are upset and confused about why there is a non-meat day but there isn’t a day that appreciates meat. Gym teacher Allison Duncan said, “I don’t understand why something like this needs to be declared,” because consuming certain foods is a choice not a day out of the year. In retaliation, several rural towns in Colorado are planning to eat more meat or give out free meat on March 20, to show awareness for their industry. “I don’t think meat day is appropriate because the majority of our population is in the agricultural industry,” said Kara Sidwell. For only one day, the MeatOUT day could impact the National Western Stockshow and has definitely provoked Coloradans.