Coffee Review


Rylee Martin, Feature Editor

Coffee, coffee, coffee. The drink that provides energy and still manages to taste and smell delicious. From the iced latte to a hot mocha, the diversity that is available is amazing. Different coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants provide different syrups, foams, roasts, and beans to make their coffee unique and dynamic. Places like the basic Starbucks to the crazy Dutch Brothers are some of the many fan favorites shared by the student body in Eaton High School. 

The coffee connoisseurs around Eaton have some strong opinions about their coffee and how they like it. Delaney Ocschner (21) said, “My go-to coffee drink is the Christmas Morning Chai with caramel drizzle and a soft top from Dutch Bros.” With what feels like thousands of flavor combinations that are offered at Dutch, Ochsner strongly believes that Dutch Bros is the superior coffee shop. She said, “Dutch Bros tops Human Bean and Starbucks any day of the week, mostly because of the quality and prices.” The average medium drink at 16 ounces and averages around $3.50 at Dutch compared to Starbucks where their medium is 16 ounces as well, but the price averages around 5 to 6 dollars. “Coffee never ceases to fill me with joy after the first sip.,” said Oschner. 

Hopping on the trend Josie Roselle (22) would also have to agree that Dutch is the best coffee shop. “My favorite coffee shop to go to is Dutch because there are so many delicious drinks to choose from and it’s so fun to try different things.” With many little coffee shops around town the chain companies are taking the lead because of their fun atmosphere and sweet drinks, but Roselle said “I also love Ten24 coffee here in Eaton because of the atmosphere.” Having a shop that is appealing to the eye really draws in customers. Roselle said, “I prefer iced drinks for the most part but depending on the weather I will drink hot coffee.” Especially in the cold months, hot drinks are essential to staying warm.

According to Avalon Betters (23) no matter what the weather is she will always stick to her go to drink. She said, “I always get my drink either iced or blended no matter the weather… hot coffee just isn’t my thing.” Betters also agrees that Dutch Bros is the best coffee shop in Northern Colorado. She said, “It’s pretty close to me and I love having a variety of options to choose from, even though I usually just stick with my normal drink every day.” Having a regular coffee order is something that is very common because sometimes going outside of the box is just not the move. Betters said “My go-to coffee drink from Dutch is a Golden Eagle with extra caramel drizzle. There is nothing fancy about it, it’s just my new normal lately.” 

In a shocking turn of events, Logan Gullett holds the unpopular opinion that Starbucks is the best coffee shop. He said, “Starbucks provides a unique experience where you can drink coffee and hang out. You can do your homework, conduct an interview, and enjoy a snack. Other coffee shops don’t offer that experience.” 

Without question Dutch Bros stumps all of the coffee shops in Colorado due to the wide variety of flavors and the affordable prices.Coo