The backbone of Eaton High School

Meet the faces of the front office


Jackson Taggart, Staff Reporter

The first faces students see in a school are those that work at the front office, so making sure schools get the right representatives is key to a welcoming environment. Eaton found the perfect women for the job over 15 years ago and the students and teachers love them. Lori Selby and Kim Carey are the secretaries who work in the front office at Eaton High School.


Lori Selby started working in the front office in the fall of 2005 and has worked in that position since then. Selby previously worked in Eaton School District as a substitute teacher for three years at the elementary school and wanted to help the Eaton community as much as possible. Selby said, “I love being in the community because I get to know so many community members and I live way outside of town so this has been a great way to connect with the community.” Selby enjoys sewing and quilting and other hobbies that include handwork but her favorite thing to do is spending time with her family and her kids’ families.


This is Kim Carey’s 20th year working at Eaton High School and she’s loved every second of it. Carey said, “My favorite part about working here are the students and staff. I love the social environment here and everybody I work with.” Carey enjoys physical activities. She did CrossFit and started making a gym in her basement to stay active after the local CrossFit building shut down. She enjoys reading and traveling and her favorite hobby is spending time with her family. Carey said, “I love sitting out on the patio in the summer with my family and talking about life and spending time together.”


Carey and Selby are a big help in keeping the high school running smoothly. They bring a welcoming feeling to Eaton highschool and are amazing at what they do. These ladies put a smile on everyone’s face, and the staff and students are thankful for everything they do here.