After eight years, Nolan Arenado leaves the Colorado Rockies

Nolan Arenado was officially traded from the Colorado Rockies to the St. Louis Cardinals on Jan. 29, 2021.


Nolan Arenado was one of the best ranking and most popular players on the Colorado Rockies. Fans, teammates, and coaches were devastated to see him go. Arenado was not happy with how the Colorado Rockies team was being run by the staff in recent years, and he made that clear to the leaders of the team. Since Arenado signed an eight-year contract for the Colorado Rockies in 2019, this made Arenado’s process of leaving the team a lot more confusing. It took over three days for the Colorado Rockies and the St. Louis Cardinals to negotiate the deal (“The Arithmetic of the Arenado Trade”). In the end, the St. Louis Cardinals received Arenado in exchange for some lower-tier players going to the Colorado Rockies. Bryce Smith (22) said, “I think Nolan deserves to play on a team that will give him a good opportunity to play in the World Series. It’s sad to see him go, but I’m happy that he will be able to play at a higher level.” Although this is a sad moment for the Colorado Rockies, for Arenado as an individual, it is a life-changing moment for him.

Many fans are very aggravated at the Colorado Rockies team right now because of the trading of Nolan Arenado. Karson Chadwick (22) said, “I think it’s stupid on the fact of the Rockies organization to get rid of their franchise player.” After only a month into 2021, the Colorado Rockies are already having a bumpy start.