Camping spots around the Northern Colorado area

Colorado’s unique and mountainous landscape creates some great spots for camping all year long.

Hunter Tomlinson, Staff Reporter

Just short of 40 miles west of Eaton, lies Carter Lake Reservoir, which is a very popular spot for fishing, hiking, camping, and boating. Since it is over three miles long and one mile wide, people can find a spot to sit or explore without bothering them. This lake has four campgrounds, North Pines, Eagle, Big Thompson, and South Shore. North Pines, Eagle, and Big Thompson campgrounds are centered around each other, while the South Shore campground is across the lake by itself. There is a hiking trail called Sundance Trail that spans from the North Pines campground to the South Shore campground, which is about three and a half miles long. On the North part of the lake, there is a Marina and shower that supplies comfort and food to the campers. Nathan Merideth (22) said, “It was alright, the views were good. I caught a few trout here and there that were pretty decent size .” This lake is good for not only beginner campers but experienced campers as well. 

About five miles up the road from Carter Lake Reservoir, is Pinewood lake. This lake is quite small but the beautiful views make up for it. There is only one campground located here, so make sure to make a reservation a week or two beforehand. The fishing here is pretty good but isn’t nearly as good as Carter Lake Reservoir. Since the lake is so small and isn’t that populated, there is a trail that is about three and a half miles long. This campground is good for campers who are looking for a more secluded camping experience.

About 45 miles west of Fort Collins into the mountains, are the Red Feather Lakes. One of the smallest lakes out of Red Feather Lakes, West Lake is also a great camping site. Kasen Hays(22) said, “I liked it a lot, we had quick access to the lake, and we were able to get firewood pretty easily. We also had good neighbors that were very nice.” The location where this lake is placed allows for a lot of accessibility. There is about a one-mile trail down to the biggest lake in Red Feather called Dowdy Lake. About three miles down the road and find the town of Red Feather, which has some tourist attractions and some interesting shops.