Senior Spotlight: Liam Hernandez


Liam Hernandez (21) plans to join the Marine Corps after he graduates from Eaton High School this spring. Hernandez has dreamed of becoming a Marine for a long time and is excited to achieve his goal. “I want to leave behind a legacy of being a good mentor to others. I hope I show anything is possible if you work at it and want it enough,” said Hernandez.

Hernandez is Vice President in the Men’s Choir and plays baseball. He also spends time working and going to the gym outside of school.

After a hard senior year for the class of 2021, focusing on the good is very important. Hernandez said, “I think it’s important for everyone to get involved with school. With COVID right now, my class and I try to get everyone to do as much as possible. High school should be the best and most fun time and we’re only here for 4 years.”

By maintaining a positive attitude, Hernandez encourages his peers to do the same. Exciting plans for the future also ease the pain of this school year, and Hernandez is lucky to have something to look forward to.