Preparing For the Future

Experience of child care in family science class.


Yesenia Diaz, Staff Reporter

Taking care of children is an essential part of our future as young adults. Child Development is a class in high school taken by students who hope to learn more about nurturing and taking care of a child. This course could be very useful for future use because students are preparing for their future responsibilities to gain knowledge on the specific topic of children. Amy Irwin, Family and Consumer Science Teacher at Eaton High School, said “Students have an opportunity to learn how we grow and develop as human beings. In class we look at two factors impacting development: nature and nurture. Students can then use that information in their own future to understand their own development and those around them.” 

Irwin teaches her students to make healthy decisions throughout their lifetime and the students gain the building blocks of understanding processes related to development and growth. Jaylen Gonzalez (23) said,”The skills I have gained after taking care of the baby is that you always have to be very responsible for your situation. Always be prepared to be changed.” The students in the class each got random levels of difficulty. The students who got the hardest difficulty obviously got more of an experience because of the constant attention the baby needed. This class structures the students’ lives with children and helps them prepare for the highs and lows of having children.