Reds heading to Pagosa Springs for round one of playoffs after a close loss to Platte Valley


Emily Hogsett, News Editor

As the football season comes to a close, the Reds are looking forward to their first game of playoffs.  The Reds were short seven of their starting players due to quarantine.  Nevertheless, the Reds held their own against Platte Valley even though they ended the game with a 41-35 loss.  

Due to the loss of many of the Reds starters, young players were able to show their potential while playing Platte Valley.  Throughout the first half of the game, the Reds had a 21-14 lead over the Broncos.  All-purpose yards were led by Sal Rojas (21) with 145 yards followed by Juan Maravilla (21) with 74 yards.  Three touchdowns were made by Rojas, and two touchdowns were made by Maravilla.  

Sophomore Walker Martin (23) said, “Even though the team was lacking players, the younger guys stepped up and took advantage of their chances.”  

Martin led the Reds defense with nine total tackles.  Ryan Dirksen (22) and Zane Renner (21) followed Martin’s lead with six tackles each.  One fumble recovery was made by Alex Loyd (24), and one interception was made by Renner then ran for 24 yards.  

The Reds will head to Pagosa Springs for their first round of playoffs next week.  If the Reds win, they will play either Resurrection Christian or Moffat County on home turf.  Pagosa Springs is ranked fourth in 2A football right in front of Eaton’s fifth place.  

Quarantined players “are working out at home.  We are posting all of our scattering reports and game plan information for them to still study on their own,” Head Coach Zac Lemon said.  “We won’t be able to stop and go into restaurants and we are still working on a practice facility for schools that will let us on to practice.”

Eaton’s quarantined players will be able to return to school and sports Thursday, November 19 just in time to play in the first round of playoffs.  

For the upcoming playoff game, Walker said, “We will practice like there is no tomorrow.  The guys will be prepared for this game – I know they will.  It doesn’t matter how far the game is, we are ready to play.”

Eaton football will be traveling to Pagosa Springs to fight for their spot in the top four of 2A football.  The 2020 season has not been easy, but the Reds are ready to prove on the field that nothing can stop the one sport that brings them all together.