Seniors in sports

Sports seasons are a big part of people’s lives, and each year some high school seniors have their last.

Dakota Braucher, Staff Reporter

Fall sports are reaching the end, and seniors are starting to feel the effects of this. Although this happens every single year, it affects students very differently. For some students participating in these sports, it is their last high school sports season. A sports season ending can have a big impact on athletes, considering it is closing a big chapter in their life, and opening a whole new one. 

Senior cross country runner Evan Gesick

Recently three sports have come to an end this year at Eaton High School. These sports include cross country, softball, and golf. All of these sports mean very important things to different people. These sports and activities can become a big part of a person’s life and usually takes up a lot of their time. Seniors this year are no exception. This year especially, with sports looking very different, seniors are experiencing this hard time.

Senior cross country runner Evan Gesick (21) said, “I’m sad that I won’t be able to see some of those people again, but I am grateful for the experiences and friendships that it brought me.” Many different athletes feel this same way. Appreciation is often gained when something becomes a part of a daily routine. 


Senior softball player Yaritza Puente

Sports are more than just athletic performance. Senior softball player, Yaritza Puente (21) said, “My team has become more than a team, they are my family.” Having this end is like having a part of these athletes taken away from them.

Although the end of the senior season is inevitable, it doesn’t make it any easier. Seniors every year have to learn how to move on and either continue their journey or find a whole new one.