How are the EHS online students?

Online learners talk about their experiences with school.

Amanda Davis, Staff Reporter

During the 2019-2020 school year Eaton High School went into quarantine, and every student’s grades stayed the same as it was when they left. The quarantine started in March the week they went to “spring break” and lasted till August of the 2020-2021 school year. So many schools have decided to go online, but there are also some schools that are doing a mix of both online and in school. There are some students that only come for certain classes and sports. Kaitlynn Dean (24) said “I like it because you still do your own school work at home but it gives you the freedom to still come do your favorite activities.”

Eaton High School is a school that is trying to make it as normal as possible, and it has been going very well. Some students enjoy the online aspect of school, but they all have that one thing that they miss. Amerie Valenciano (23) said “I like that I can choose when I need to take breaks. At any time I can go back and look at every single lesson I’ve ever done as reference for tests. We are allowed to use notes on quizzes and tests. We can retake anything we need except for big tests.” The students have had the choice to come back to school or stay online, and there are 46 total students that have chosen online, 16 seniors, 8 juniors, 15 sophomores, and 7 freshmen. Katie Gomez (22) said, “I do want to come back to school because I miss the social aspect, but at the same time I don’t want to.”

There are so many things that the students can miss at school, but so many people like to work in their own home. There is always going to be that social aspect that they wish they still had while working at home. Tyler Gray (22) said “I have gone on many adventures and am outside a lot more with doing online. I dislike the lack of direction and connection, I am left to figure out many things on my own, and without sports, I would not be social at all in the day.” Senior year is something that everyone looks forward to and sometimes things just really mess stuff up. Senior year is the year that everyone get less classes, more activities, and more off hours.

Emma Williams (21) said “It’s a little weird because we don’t get all the fun stuff that senior year offers but that is something that you knew from the beginning and have to deal with, so I don’t think that very much could be done differently.” There have been quite a bit of changes within the school and how activities are limited. Powder Puff and stuff, school dances, and sports seasons are all off and there is still hope that the seasons could go back to normal but with precautions. With online students can easily do better by making their own schedule and just being able to do their work whenever they can. Alika Velasquez (21) said “I love that I get to make my own schedule. To me it sets me up for being better on myself. Online you have to self manage a lot. The assignments you get can be done whenever you want and I am very busy in the day.” The 2020 school year may be different for students whether they are online or in person, but the students have persevered and are still Red Strong.