Eaton Fightin’ Reds Rebranding Project

The Eaton community is getting a chance to get a look at the new possible mascot or logo.

October 21, 2020

The Eaton district is making some adjustments and one of those adjustments include  picking a different mascot or logo. There is a lot of history when it comes to the Eaton schools and the Native American Mascot. Eaton didn’t have a mascot until 1966, it was implemented by the athletic coach and P.E. teacher, Ken Ridgley. Ridgley used the term “red” as his inspiration to make the mascot a Native American. Although Eaton High School opened in 1909, there wasn’t a mascot unil 1966. `Fightin’ Reds’ was given to the Eaton athletic teams based on the colors of the jersey’s because Eaton didn’t have a mascot yet. Eaton was identified by other sports teams by the letter E, until there was a mascot implemented. Doug Preston, a former student and now the civics and World Geography teacher at EHS, said, “When I was in school I don’t really remember using it [the mascot] much. For example, we didn’t have that Indian on any of our uniforms.” There are many different thoughts about the removal of the Native American mascot. Shelby Pribelsky (23) said, “It’s not just a little animation dude on the floor, he’s a part of the family.” Although there are different views on the topic, it remains part of the schools history, and the Eaton community welcomes the new changes with open arms.



Red Hawks Concept

Unkown Source



Dragons Concept

Abby Barger


Just like dragons we rule our land. We can be elegant and beautiful, but we can also be intense and a force to be reckoned with.


Fox Concept

Brayden Keel


I think that foxes are incredible creatures, don’t you? They are skilled in so much! For instance, they are smart, kind, and playful! They are relative in Colorado as well. They are also very curious. Now I know what you are thinking, “Braydon, why are you telling me this?” I am telling you this because I think that a fox… should be our mascot! Besides, I don’t think they get enough attention. They are good fighters. For fighters I mean like for food, and for us [Eaton Reds] we fight for victory in all kinds of things!


Storm Concept

Matthew Longwell


This should be our new logo and our mascot could be a thundercloud or a lightning bolt. Storms are very powerful and so are the people at Eaton. We also can combine with each other to make ourselves more powerful just like storms can. Storms are also very persistent and cause a lot of damage We want to beat other schools and “cause damage”. We want other schools to be nervous to play against us just like people can get nervous when storms come, so we need to have a mascot that is fierce and represents power. Storms can also be unpredictable and we want to surprise other schools with our skills and how we play to win. Some people also fear storms and we want other teams to be scared to play against us. Also after a storm, there is usually a rainbow. This represents that Eaton is a great community, even if they are very competitive when it comes to sports. 


Eagle Concept

Pamela Holguin-Lopez


I believe we should either be the eagles or the owls because both of these animals are strong animals, they both represent something. Just by looking at them, I can’t help but to wonder what they could represent. They could also represent those pride traits 


Cowboy/Farmer Concept

Jackson Tribbett


We could do a guy that looks like a cowboy/red, because they were basically the ones that founded our town and that’s how we could honor them.


Bull Concept

Everett Preston


I think a bull would be a good new logo or mascot because Eaton has a rich agricultural history. The bull fits right in with our rural community. Also, I think it could play off of the myth that bulls, when angry, see red. I believe “see red” could possibly be a new motto as well. Bulls are an intimidating animal, as we are an intimidating school in athletics. Teams are looking to beat us. Bulls are strong, and when I think of bull seeing red, I think of an unstoppable focus or drive.  


Rhino Concept

Stewart Family


This image was found online and colored red to represent the Eaton Fightin’ Red Rhinos. A possible new mascot for our community. The Rhino is a symbol of steadiness, power and agility and as an animal it “reminds you to give thanks to the countless miracles occurring in your life.” I think this is a great balance of what it means to be an Eaton Red.


Phoenix and griffin concept

Dart Salazar


I think we should be a griffin. This is because the griffin represents power and strength. It is also kind of both birds and beasts. This is because a griffin is an eagle and lion mix, the eagle being kind of the bird and lion of beasts, we could also keep the feathers. 

I think we should be the phoenix’s because they represent determination and power. Because they clap their wings and it lights them on fire then from the ashes revive. Also then we could keep the red feather.


Fire concept

Taylor Krautschun


The mascot idea is fire because it never gives up until it’s goal is complete. Also it’s BURNING REEEED!!! Fire also fights very well. 


Block E logo concept

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  • J

    Joseph T RojasDec 18, 2021 at 8:50 pm

    I’m native American this really upsets me that you school has to remove the logo, I say keep the logo it wasn’t offending me at all. I was actually proud to see a school that use the native American, now what does offends me is Lamar savages now that does gets me very mad, but I don’t see the state doing anything about there name or logo. And La junta warriors offends me as well. Eaton had a native American logo with arms crossed and happy now what is wrong a peaceful native on the uniform bring it back.