CDC lowers U.S. COVID-19 death count

The world we are living in is different, and abnormal, does it need to be?


Dakota Braucher, Staff Reporter

Masks, social distancing, and temperature checks, this is the new normal. But does it have to be? New information is saying that the CDC admits to adding flu and pneumonia deaths to the overall COVID-19 death count.

The CDC reduced the amount of COVID-19 deaths to about 37,000 which ends up being nearly half of the original number that they were relying on. Although death tolls do not represent the whole picture, and surely do not give justice to the damage that this virus has caused on the world, it sure does have an impact on it.

With this information, many people think that the precautions that everyone is currently taking are too much, and should be lowered. Not only does this affect the students of Eaton High School, this affects the entire United States.

Regarding the current precautions that the school has to take on a daily basis, Eaton High School history teacher Andrew Jorgenson said, “It can be annoying, but it’s something we’ve got to do.” Many people think this way as well, and what they have to do is a necessity. Student Spencer Brown (23) said, “I hate masks, but I do think it is necessary to wear them.”

Everybody has had to go through extra precautions, more concern, and they have all had to be a lot more careful than ever before. This world that people are living in really is the new normal and is what they all have to be used to. Will people look back and be proud of what they did?