Recruiting process has a new look

Seniors have managed to continue the recruitment process during a global pandemic.


College coaches are still on the hunt for student athletes all over the nation even though a global pandemic has put our country onto a six- month long hiatus. The recruiting process is already long and excruciating without a global pandemic in the mix. Eaton High School has a few athletes in the midst of their recruitment journey and to say the least it has been very different than it has been in previous years. 

Tanner True (21) is a senior at Eaton High School and is a two-sport athlete. True hopes to play at a collegiate level for football in the fall of 2021-22. True said, “The hardest part of the recruitment process has been the unknowns because of COVID and never knowing when to schedule your daily life around calls with college coaches.” 

Staying motivated is no easy task for any athlete without constant competition to keep the drive going. COVID has deprived athletes of the competitive nature they are conditioned to. True said, “My motivation during quarantine has been just having the urge to get scholarships and use the off time to get better than my competition.”  Without a doubt most would say family is one of the biggest support systems that one could have. True said, “My dad has been the biggest support during this time and I am very grateful to have him standing with me during this time.” True currently has two offers from Division ll schools: Sioux Falls and Chadron State. 

EHS senior Sydney Leffler (21) is also a senior at Eaton High School and plays volleyball and also has high hopes to play at a collegiate level. She is a six rotation outside hitter. The NCAA has a different set of rules for volleyball compared to other collegiate sports, the dead period has been a huge issue for volleyball players all around the nation. Leffler said, “I have managed to work with the dead period and treat it as a blessing instead of a burden because it is teaching me a new set of skills that I never thought I would have to learn. I have been taking several online surveys and consistently sending films to coaches.” Communication is key in the recruiting process and has always been, but considering the global pandemic, this piece is even more crucial. Leffler said, “Communication has always been my number one priority during this process so I pride myself on being consistent in that aspect.” 

The current state of college sports is uncertain but high school seniors must look at the bigger picture and that is exactly what these athletes are doing to ensure their future goals.