Senior Year Poses New Challenges

Seniors all over the country are having their senior year ruined by COVID-19 but Eaton High School’s seniors are making the best of it.


Yesenia Diaz, Staff Reporter

The class of 2020 lost the second half of their school year in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and now the class of 2021 have lost their whole year full of fun activities. The seniors this year had their prom, memorable football games, and all of their last chances to get involved with the school ripped right out of their hands. Aracely Garcia (21) said, “My senior year could’ve been better considering what’s going on, but I’m making the best of it and just taking it day by day.” Garcia is doing online this year and she believes it is more time efficient for her as a senior who barely has any classes to attend. “I’m doing online and if this whole pandemic wouldn’t have happened, it wouldn’t even be an option. But it’s definitely not the same as being in school and being in all of my classes. It takes a lot more focus and hard work,¨ she added. Jocelyn Espinoza (21) is working hard to finish her remaining year in Eaton doing in-person learning. This year at the high school there are more restrictions in the building and masks are required at all times inside. She said, “It’s a whole different experience and it doesn’t even feel like senior year to me.¨ COVID-19 is definitely an interesting obstacle to overcome, but everyday here at Eaton, the staff and students are pushing through and trying to make the time at school enjoyable for everyone.