“Mod”ifying Eaton High School

Construction in Eaton High School has caused many students and teachers to work in new buildings called modulars.


Logan Gullett, Staff Reporter

It’s hard to miss the new white buildings known as “mods” in the old teacher parking lot. Due to construction throughout parts of the high school, many teachers have relocated their classrooms to these mysterious white blocks. As does everything, the mods have advantages and disadvantages, and everyone has a different opinion on them.

As you walk into one of the two mods the first thing you feel is the refreshing cool air of an air conditioner. Having an air conditioner is a luxury that most of the other classrooms outside of the mods can’t experience. English teacher Texie Jonsson says, “I’m going to apologize to the students that have me for how cold it is in my classroom.” With as hot as it is outside during these months, an air conditioner can make a huge difference.

Having students work in the mods also lessens traffic in the hallways of the high school, but, during passing periods, it gets very crowded in the cramped hallways of the mods. Despite the slight traffic when everyone is switching classes, the mods address the Covid situation well. Students are now not all in one building, meaning there is more space to social distance. However the distance from other classrooms is increased, and as a result, it takes longer to get to a new class.

Many of the students are becoming accustomed to working in the cold rooms. “I love the cold air conditioning in the mods, I value it even more because the hot rooms inside the high school are miserable,” Aaron Hernandez (23) says. Although it might get a little chilly, it’s better than being in a hot sweaty room.

One very important aspect that the mods don’t have is a bathroom. In order to use the restroom, students and staff must exit the building, walk to the high school, then find the nearest bathroom. This causes problems in time management and keeping track of students. “It drives me nuts! I have to really plan out bathroom breaks,” Mrs. Jonsson added. The lack of bathrooms makes it hard for both students and teachers to manage their work and time.

Besides not having bathrooms, the mods seem to be working well for most people. Without them, The school wouldn’t be able to be renovated. Some people like the mods, and some people don’t, but at the end of the day, the mods are just part of the process to a new and better high school.