Whats new? Online school.

Day in the life of a new online schooler


Kassidy Hemby

Online school, it is a lot easier to say than to do. When first hearing about the idea of online school, many thought it wasn’t going to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, it was taken seriously and will be in session until April 30. 

As a student, the first week of online school has certainly been a whirlwind of emotions. On spring break, my thoughts were “Oh yeah, it can’t be that bad.” That was until I woke up on Monday March 30 buried in what felt like neverending emails. Feelings of ‘it can’t be that bad’ abruptly changed to ‘oh crap.’

This new opportunity has many students questioning their assignment loads and overthinking their time schedule. Online school is new for all of us; students, teachers, parents, and administrators. Every teacher has a different technique as to how they wish to go about online schooling, this is one of the problems students face. From downloading new apps to trying to figure out class ‘video chats’, this system really boosts our anxiety levels. 

Things that could be done differently are the ways homework is scheduled. It would be more helpful if there was an efficient way to organize classes along with their due dates. As a student, it is hard transferring from having face to face access with teachers to having virtual online chats. Online school weakens teachers ability to see students’ thought process and go abouts of assignments and homework.

Online school wouldn’t be as bad if quarantine wasn’t happening either. The face that really frustrates me is that we have stay at home orders. We don’t have the opportunities to see our friends, or see our families, we are stuck here. We are stuck in our houses like birds cooped in a cage. 

While the idea of online schooling is scary, it is for our safety and for our good. Limits like these are set for reasons. Maybe this is a good thing; we will be able to look back on it and possibly have the mindset ‘Oh it wasn’t that bad.’ This is a new opportunity for us, it is a new challenge. I can’t wait to see what will come from it.