Eaton Still Faces Mascot Controversy

A controversy or reminder of the town's history?


Addie Burke, Staff Reporter

The Reds … a presumably derogatory term for the school’s mascot. The Eaton Reds have had an ongoing controversy about their mascot throughout their time.

The Indian man with the given name “Red” has become a racial conflict throughout the town since 1962. Before the two school districts, Eaton and Galeton, combined, each school had their own individual mascots. Eaton went by the Fightin’ Reds, represented with the “E” design, and Galeton as the Indians.

However, in 1962, when the school districts united and became one, the mascots merged together as well.

Eaton adopted the Indian character and decided to keep the name as the Reds. As the Eaton Reds mascot evolved and appeared more in sports and throughout the school district, more community members began to worry about the controversy the little mascot would hold.

The Eaton school community adopted the saying “one tribe, one family” to describe the strong bond the people of Eaton, Colorado have.