HarleyQuinn Smashes Theater



Margot Robbie kills laughs and has one scary break up in her newest film. Previously known as Birds of Prey and Fabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn, the now Harely Quinn: Birds of Prey, directed by American filmmaker, Cathy Yan, is a movie about master gang boss and ex girlfriend of number one enemy of the famous superhero Batman, joker. Harley Quinn is portrayed by Margot Robbie. As the Joker breaks up with her and Harley Quinn finds out that people are really angry with her especially one mob boss, The Black Mask (played by Ewan Mcreger). 

The movie was Rumored to be in production in May of 2018 then confirmed a month later . Fans began geeking out and became excited for about 20 months. The movie was finally released on February 7. With a budget of 97.1 million, the movie is another example of DC making R rated movies a great time at the cinema.With it’s amazing and gory fight scenes which were caught so well by the cinematographers and made for great laughs makes you realize why it’s R rated and amazing.

The cinematography is done really well with the numerous fight scenes and really set the needed tone at the right time. The actors are meant to portray themselves as a team of  really dope females coming together to take down Black Mask, but like the name change, it’s hard to really feel emotion and compassion for all of the team because they all seem a little bit one sided but Harley a lot of time steals the spotlight which is fine but the film was intended to be a movie about the whole team.

The villain Black mask and Harley Quinn really stand out with such out of the box personalities and the team, although appearing one sided, are so good together and they makes you really feel for the team. Rated R for rough language, and brutal violence people will be surprised since there is a all female cast and they don’t try to over sexulize them, just pain and simple bone breaking violence. As far as big movie big shot reviews go, Rotten tomatoes, notorious bad critics of DC films, gave Birds of Prey a 79% which is decent but a lot of people didn’t know how the movie was going to go.This movie pulls a lot from the fictional cahercters comic series which itself is newer than most hero’s and makes fans very happy, but adds to the interpretation of Harely Quinn from the suicide squad movie from 2016 and because of which people really excited. The soundtrack is reminiscent of that of suicide squad but it is not the biggest take away from the movie. The film is really good with deep woman power and bad relationship themes with the hardest hint of a good action movie and some comedy. If there is a sequel you can bet I’ll be there opening night.