Senior Spotlight: Matea Floryance


Matea Floryance (20) plans to attend Baylor University to study corporate innovation and entrepreneurship this fall. In the midst of preparing for college and life after high school, Floryance reminisces on the lessons she’s learned and the memories she’s made in the last four years. Floryance said, “It is important to always stay involved in high school. Extracurriculars and classes have allowed me to develop educational skills and personal skills. That could mean I grew as a leader or I learned how to be more accepting of others and aware of those around me. You can always take away a life lesson from anything you do”. By following adult role models and mentoring younger students, Floryance has learned the importance of leadership roles.

“I see being a leader as an opportunity to motivate others. I really enjoy being a link leader not only because I get to learn how to become a better leader but I get to help others through it. My favorite part about it is knowing that I am able to make an impact on someone else’s life”, said Floryance. Matea’s talents and interests include playing the saxophone, singing, fashion, working out, STUCO, and tennis.

Floryance said, “Fashion is important because it allows you to express yourself. I like dressing up because it allows me to show who I am while also making me feel ready for the day”. Useful life skills such as coexisting with your peers, dedication, and presenting yourself in a positive way have been modeled to Floryance throughout high school. Behind all of her hard work with the student body, Floryance’s greatest passion is singing. Floryance said, “I value singing because it allows me to perform and invest my time in something I love. I began singing when I was little and it is great to see how much I’ve developed as a singer over time. I would like to thank my choir teacher, Mrs. Contreras, for investing time into her students and motivating them daily. Without her efforts, the program wouldn’t be what it is today”.

Floryance hopes to leave behind a positive legacy for current and future high schoolers. High school is a much more fun place to be with support from your peers. Floryance said, “Kindness can go a long way. It can be done in small and big ways. It is important to recognize those around you and go out of your way to help someone who may need it”.