Marvel’s Endgame signals end of era

Janae Jarnagin, Staff Reporter

Newest Avengers sequel well worth the wait- but bring the tissues

Fans flooded theatres on opening night, refusing to wait to discover which of their favorite characters would survive the events of Endgame and which characters would be less lucky. 

   And they were not disappointed. 

   Marvel’s newest film, Avengers: Endgame, is more than worth the three hours you will spend watching and has been a success financially, critically, and on the eyes of billions of Marvel fans. 

   Endgame received a 90 percent approval rating from audiences, and received a critical average of 95 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. 

   The movie has also broken domestic and foreign records for money grossed in a single weekend after the movie’s release on April 26, shattering records previously held by another Avengers movie–Infinity War. 

   At the end of Infinity War, Thanos had collected all six infinity stones, giving him the ability to continue with his plans to remove half of the world’s population. 

   The Avengers were unsuccessful in their attempts to stop Thanos, and he snapped his his fingers, reducing 50 percent of all living creatures to dust.    

   Endgame continues where Infinity War left off. With the world in chaos, the Avengers reunite to plan their next move. 

   This time the characters from Infinity War were joined by heroes such as Captain Marvel, who did not have storylines in Infinity War. The Avengers team up once again to find Thanos and steal the infinity stones; however, as plans go awry and friends are lost, the Avengers are forced to improvise solutions to save their friends. 

  Endgame combines characters from its previous 21 films, and will be remembered as one of the most ambitious crossovers of our time. For some of Marvel’s character’s Endgame was their last appearance in the Marvel Cinematic  Universe (MCU).  The MCU has had a long run since its opening film, Iron Man in 2008. 

  One guaranteed survivor is Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, who will appear in Spider-man: Far From Home. The movie will center on Spider-Man as he struggles to deal with the fallout of Endgame, including the loss of loved ones. 

Avengers’ Endgame not only unites multiple heroes, but also unites audiences. One touching aspect of the movie was the human compassion shared by all characters. In Endgame all of Marvel’s heroes have lost their friends and family, but unlike Marvel’s other films the loss was not exclusive to the Avengers. 

   During one scene a support group is held for those who have lost loved ones. Captain America and other members speak during the meeting, outlining their struggle with continuing life in the face of loss.  

   This scene reminds audiences that it was not only the main characters who suffered the loss of their loved ones, but the background characters in the movie as well. 

  The characters’ loss allows them to not only sympathize with each other, but empathize, knowing exactly what one another went through. This message resonates with audience members who have lost loved ones, a quality that can be attributed to almost all Marvel fans. 

  Audiences will take away the action and entertainment that Endgame provided, but they will also carry an underlying message of grief: That all humans have or will suffer loss, a quality that unites us all.