Breakthrough, impossible but true

Anya Womack, Staff Reporter

Breakthrough was released April 21, Easter Day, which was an appropriate date for this Christian themed movie. It came in third for the weekend box office, making $11 million and $20 million internationally, and it hit the number two slot during the first week of its release. Breakthrough is based on an inspiring true story of a mother’s love for her family and faith through impossible odds.

Joyce Smith’s, played by Chrissy Metz, adopted son falls through an icy lake in Missouri, and hope is lost. Their son, John Smith, played by Marcel Ruiz, is a 14 year old starting point guard for his school’s basketball team. Before falling through the ice, he is a typical teenage boy playing tag on the frozen lake. When going under, he was trapped underwater for 15 minutes, and his chances of living are thin. After getting pulled out of the water and being hospitalized,  he is unresponsive for an hour. Tommy, played by Mike Colter, is the firefighter who saves John. Tommy does not believe there is a God, but after the incident he questions it because of the miracles happening with this boy. The scene the whole town stands outside John’s window with lit candles and singing to his family, this shows that when someone so special in a small town is in trouble, the whole town will come together to support each other.

This story of a young man’s comeback despite impossible odds shows that a mother’s love and faith is stronger than any force, which will have you in tears but also on the edge of your seat.