Graduating seniors honored at Girls’ Tennis Night


Juniors honor their graduating teammates.

Charlotte Reynolds, Staff Reporter

After the cancellation of their match last night, girls’ tennis still honored their graduating seniors in the commons. Although the season isn’t over, Mikaelee Salberg, Sydney Booth, and Maddie Harper were recognized by their team and family members for their contribution and growth throughout their high school career. Three Juniors, Matea Floryance, Bekah Scott, and Payton Devlin sent off their teammates with sentimental letters that were read in front of the crowd.

Bekah summed up her and Sydney’s friendship in biblical scriptures and “Friends” quotes.

Sydney Booth (19) hugs her teammate Bekah Scott (20)

Matea expressed her appreciation for Mikaelee’s sportsmanship and kindness.

Matea Floryance (20) reads her letter to Mikaelee Salberg (19)
Matea Floryance (20) and Mikaelee Salberg (19) share a special moment

Payton got emotional when telling Maddie how much she learned from her this season. Following the heartfelt speeches, the seniors were presented with gift bags and flowers.

Parents made dinner for the team and their families. Coach Mike Brisendine conveyed how proud he was of his team and what they have accomplished in their journey.