Eaton athlete takes first at Pursuit Power Competition

Haley Riddle on a “pursuit” to greatness


Charlotte Reynolds, Staff Reporter

An Eaton High School sophomore is pursuing her passion and engaging in a sport that requires mental and physical strength. Haley Riddle (21) has been pushing herself to become the best athlete since she began basketball in elementary school. Riddle then went on to compete in shot put and discus in middle school track. Her background and supportive parents led her to gain curiosity about powerlifting. Riddle’s dad, a former state powerlifting champion introduced her to the sport. Haley began working out the summer of 2016 and begun training for lifting December 2018. She says, “My favorite part of it is the atmosphere, everyone’s always cheering you on.” Riddle finished in first place in her weight class as of January 12, squatting 225 lbs, deadlifting 225 lbs, and benching 105 lbs. “Making the weight you want to make is really rewarding, and you get a lot of encouragement,” Riddle says. Haley Riddle (21) is training for the Regional Powerlifting Championship in March of 2020. She looks forward to continuing an activity that improves her perseverance and determination.