Swim your way to MORP


MORP season is upon us, and student council has invited the student body to join them “Under the Sea.” The Sadie-Hawkins’ dance is around the corner, and STUCO has been advertising the event with creative posters and references to underwater life in the morning announcements. Student body president Janae Jarnagin (19) explained that the theme has been in the works for years. “Some of the seniors who have been in student council since their freshman year started an inside joke about having an Under the Sea theme for a dance,” Jarnagin said. “This is the end of our inside joke.” The Under the Sea theme has been in the making for four years now, and it will finally get the ending it deserves on Saturday Feb. 2. The dance will be held in the gym, and student council plans on having a very decorative dance. Kaitlyn Clevenger (19) said, “There are so many crafty things you can do with the Under the Sea theme. If you look on Pinterest, so many things come up, so we have a lot of very good ideas. There are going to be lots of bubbles and jellyfish.”

MORP will take place on February 2 from 8-11. Singles are $10 and couples are $15. The guest forms will be due Thursday Jan. 31.