Ten ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Days solo

By Sarah Jakel

1.Bake Sweet TreatsFind your favorite one on Pinterest or with a simple Google search. Bake the desserts and smell the sweet aroma filling your home. And then enjoy them all night. Don’t share one with people who ask because you put in all that hard work and you deserve it. Here are some simple recipes that were found with a simple Pinterest search.

These all can also be found on our Pinterest at: https://www.pinterest.com/eatonredink/baking-ideas/

2.Watch Netflix– You made those delicious treats for a reason. Now snuggle up under a warm blanket and turn on your favorite show or movie. Don’t watch any of those chick flicks that want to make you cry. Watch something action packed like Jason Bourne or one of the new superhero movies that you haven’t caught up on yet.







3.Waste Your Night on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat-We all do it anyways, so you know why not do it some more. Scroll right past all the date night posts and find the ones that make you laugh. Look at those Valentine’s Day cards that are actually worth your time. Find some new ideas to do or make on Pinterest. Follow https://www.pinterest.com/eatonredink/ for some great new ideas. If you have someone that you like but they have absolutely no idea how to tell them here are some great ways to get the point across. Drop one of these in their DM:

4.Friend’s Night Out-Who says you have to spend the night all alone feeling sad? Plan a night out with your closest friends. Do something that everyone will enjoy doing together. Go to dinner, go shopping, go see a sports game. There are plenty of things to go out and do besides sitting at home and thinking about why you don’t have someone else to spend this day with.

5.Treat Yourself– Watch that favorite movie that you love but everyone else would make fun of. Just indulge yourself in your guilty pleasures. Eat every single cookie in the house. Go buy yourself a bath bomb and enjoy the beautiful bath you have just created. Invite your friends over and have a mani/pedi night. For the guys, break out the snacks and watch the game playing on TV that night.

6.Dinner For One-Who says you can’t go to dinner by yourself? It is the perfect time to unwind and not worry about what is going on with everyone else. Use it as a time for yourself only. Don’t make a reservation at anywhere super fancy or incredibly expensive. Head on over to a place like IHOP or Sonic.


7.House Party-Why go out and see all those couples when you could just stay home and invite some of your closest friends over. Bring the party to you, which always ends up being more fun anyways.

8.Check Something Off Your Bucket List-We all have things we want to do in our lives before we die. Why not let Valentine’s Day be the time where you check one of those many things off of your list for good. Go skydiving for the first time or take a small road trip with your friends. The options are endless so pick something and get going.



9.Give Back– Spend the day working with a charity of your choosing. The feeling of giving back is truly exhilarating and it keeps your mind off of everything else happening around you. You are bettering someone’s day and potentially their life.

10.Same Ole’ Same Ole’– Do the same activities that you would do on any other day of the year. Valentine’s Day is just yet another day that people have created to bring in more money. It doesn’t have to be sad and lonely if you don’t make it like that.